From initiation in 2003, by the Rotary and Apex clubs of Hoppers Crossing, "Wynspeak" has expanded to involve over forty Western Region colleges annually. 
  • Provides a vehicle to assist young people to develop effective public speaking skills and self-confidence. Presentation skills are important in senior college, tertiary education, and in the workplace.
  • Involves both junior and senior students presenting prepared five-minute speeches on topics of their choice. 
  • Also includes presenting a two-minute speech on mystery topics drawn out of a hat with minimal preparation time.
  • Has proven to be very popular with both students and colleges. 
  • Commences on April 27, 2023 with entry free to all attendees.
  • Schedule and venues are listed above.
For enquiries, contact Des O'Shanassy via this website ("Contact Us" or email: